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Les produits de The Little Red Rascal

Killer Queen DW

​​Femelle, Bai Sabino; France; 2020.


Mâle, Alezan snow cap. 50% TWH, 25% QH, 25% Apaloosa. 2020, France. 

Joy Little Candice DW

​Femelle, Alezan Sabino; France; 2019.

Holy Blue Montana DW

Femelle, Alezan Sabino; France; 2017.

Goodies Red Queen DW

Femelle, Alezan Sabino; France; 2016.

SCW I'm A Controversy

Femelle, Alezane; République Dominicaine

*** Fernando A. Leon, propriétaire de I am a Controversy

Hi Dora, it is nice to know that you have imported The Little Rascal into France, for all I know there are not too many Tennessee Walker horses in your country, congratulations on your selection, you made a very good choice by acquiring The Little Rascal. We own a mare which has been sired by him. We call her Cony although her official name is (I am a Controversy). Her physic is very muscular and rounded, well balanced in terms of proportion; to me she is a beauty. She is a fast learner and is always willing to work. Her temperament is very sweet, you can touch her anywhere you like and you will not get a negative reaction from her whatsoever. The most important thing about her is how she walks; she is one of my most comfortable horses. She is a walking machine. From the pictures I have seen of The Little Rascal, I can tell you that she takes after him.

Best regards,

Fernando A. Leon 

Cortijo Leon Walkers ***

Canadian Red Buds Bullet

Mâle, Alezan; Canada

SCW Dixie's Liberty Belle

Femelle, Bai; Montana (USA)

SCW Rascals Zephyr

Mâle, Alezan; Montana (USA)

SCW Ruddy Ruffian

Mâle, Bai; Virginie (USA)

SCW Rascals Silk and Satin

Femelle, Bai; Montana (USA)

ZZ's Ooenupa Iyosala Se

Mâle, Bai; Dakota du Nord (USA)

SCW Little Rascals Medora

Femelle, Bai; Manitoba (Canada)

SCW Little Rascals Darla

Femelle, Alezan; Montana (USA)

SCW Rascals Red Gumdrop

Femelle, Alezan; Idaho (USA)

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